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"she wants to be gullible; practices her
grown-woman-niaveté to perfection
needing you to be narcissistic on her behalf.

she values your appreciative looks at her
aging body, the lothario in you appealing to
her vanity / the sincerest form of flattery…

i’ve noticed how she blushes when staring
deeply into her eyes; let her catch you watching
her and she will be your barefoot feminist

fat, black and country, waist-deep
in wheat gluten and buttermilk, a petticoat
of mud-cloth and kenté and all of her melting

into your arms - the m&m on the summer
sidewalk of you; all you had to do was hold
her, feed her grapes, help her make the hard

decisions / the tough choices that 2 tender
people aspire to when living 1 life in beautiful
fashion; togetherness stemming into longevity.

how difficult is it to scratch at the bothersome
moles on her back agitated by bra-strap?
just do that one little thing and she will adore

the paint-stains of the sweat shirt you’ve worn
for six days straight. how could you have fucked
that up? you must not like a life-long happiness.

you must have made every moment about “me.”
- she stubs her toe and it bleeds but you bitch
having to fetch band-aids mustering pity… poor you.

i’d feel sorry for you if i wasnt so grateful; what
a fool ass man you all are to fuck up pleasing
your woman / failing yourself.

- ron davis © 2011"

- ode to the useless motherfuckers who used to love her before me


During a visit to a mental facility, a visitor asked “Doctor, how do you determine whether or not to institutionalize someone?” and the doctor replied, “It’s quite easy really… we fill a bathtub up with water and then offer them their choice of a teaspoon, a teacup, or a bucket and then we tell them to empty the tub.”

"I see," said the visitor, "because the normal person would automatically take the bucket, right? Because it’s bigger."

"No." said the doctor. "The normal person, the SANE person would simply pull the plug." The visitor and the doctor shared a few moments in quite before the doctor finally continued, "So, would you like a bed near a window or closer to the tv?"


- the bathtub test.










when she says she doesn’t send nudes


when guys objectify women and expect them to send nudesimage

when someone asks you about your nuclear plans for russia


When Russia sends you nudes






This totally didn’t go where I was expecting it to.

Are we shipping Obama and Putin or something?

totally made my day! 

"worst driver in manila" - this guy had it rough… the ending caught me by surprise. but dayum.

(Source: youtube.com)


AFRONAUTS, a short film by Francis Bodomo

(via nakedwithpumpson)